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The Big Picture

What started out as a bold plan for a new video to tell a story about Immanuel College, turned into an event that says much about the Immanuel community – 500+ students, working together as a team to create something special – The Big Picture.

Reminiscent of a scene at an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, our students each carried a blue card. The cards are a symbol representing synergy; that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. But also with each card carried by an individual student, represents their own story and journey at Immanuel that is unique to them. Together they symbolise what it means to be part of a special community like Immanuel, and together we can do great things.

To turn this vision into a reality, we were very fortunate to have a unique opportunity to work with professional filmmakers, fresh off the set of films like Mortal Kombat and Storm Boy, from our thriving South Australian Film Industry. One of the benefits of COVID-19 is that we were able to access the expertise of these filmmakers when under normal circumstances they would be out of our reach.

So how did it all work out? How did you manage to work with over 500+ teenagers at one time? The students were incredible and we think the result is pretty amazing. And for so much more than what we set out to achieve.

It was the spirit that our students bought to the challenge. Their energy, enthusiasm, cooperation and patience. It says a lot about our students. And it says a lot about Immanuel…

A bold, brave, innovative and proud community that do things a little differently.

We are thrilled to share with you The Big Picture (above) and some Behind the Scenes images and footage (below). Enjoy!

At Immanuel, it’s all about the bigger picture.

The making of The Big Picture: Behind the scenes:

Interview with Principal Kevin Richardson about The Big Picture:

“The first time when I saw all of it put together, it was a very emotional experience.

“I think what the video shows is just how different we are. It is a great illustration of everything we stand for;

that strong differentiation, strong innovation and that strong sense of adventure.”

Kevin Richardson, Principal