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Middle School Redevelopment


We are excited to announce our plans for the redevelopment of the Middle School.

Consistent with our innovative approach to education, we have worked with the award-winning design architects responsible for the unique Tonsley redevelopment on this project.

The Middle School redevelopment will be staged over 2 years, with a new outdoor learning and social environment in the Mall area a key feature. This project in many ways reflects the success of our new Senior School, the Margaret Ames Centre, but developed with the Middle School age group in mind.

Like many building projects, having the right foundation is critical. Therefore, the first stage will involve upgrading the underground services in the Middle School Mall and commencement of work to resurface of the ground floor area. Much of this initial work will occur over the summer break and early Term 1.

The next stage of the work focussing on the completion of the redevelopment of the Middle School Mall area will commence as soon as the Stage 1 underground works have finished. Work will continue throughout Terms 1 & 2 for completion around mid – 2018; it will be very exciting for students and staff to watch this space as it evolves.

The design of new Mall area will allow flexibility for teachers in the way they bring students together in the space based on the different ways students work and prepare them for the Senior School learning environment. Improvements will include:

  • Completion of the new Middle School Mall ground surface
  • Provision of a variety of furniture & seating
  • Creation of different types of study zones
  • Addition of vegetation and use of more natural materials in the design.

The further stages of the redevelopment of the Middle School will be announced as plans are finalised.