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Year 10

Our vision for all students is one of high expectation as they aspire to academic excellence and build their independence as learners.

The transition from Year 9 in the Middle School to Year 10 in the Senior School is designed to complement the related physical, emotional and intellectual changes that adolescents experience at this time in their lives.

The Year 10 curriculum offers an opportunity for all students, through their effort, to thrive as they extend and enrich their learning. The courses are designed to provide challenges for each student with in built flexibility created to promote engagement and achievement for a diversity of learners.

The Year 10 program introduces increased expectations for greater student autonomy and responsibility and attempts to meet the wide variations in interests, abilities and experiences of students by offering an expanded range of subject options which allows a more differentiated curriculum experience.

With courses based on the Australian Curriculum, all Year 10 students commence the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and develop their capabilities as they review and set their learning goals.

Download the Year 10 Course Information Booklet for further information.