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Welcome to Senior School


The Senior School, Year 10, 11 & 12, is a dynamic learning community where we provide a rich, relevant and challenging program which builds on foundations established in earlier years.

We encourage personal excellence, according to each student’s ability, and nurture students’ strengths and interests within the relevant curriculum frameworks with a full range of SACE courses including VET (Vocational Education and Training).

In the Senior School, students start to make academic choices which will have a significant impact on their future careers. Students are supported to make informed decisions about future pathways and directions and are encouraged to explore their spiritual values in a Christian context while developing a capacity to make ethical decisions.

The extra-curricular program is also strongly encouraged and contributes to the personal development and self-esteem of individual students.

Students are supported and guided in their social, emotional and physical development where there is a strong emphasis on personal growth, integrity, resilience and a sense of social responsibility.

In the Senior School, students are prepared for successful participation in society. Thoughtful, respectful and informed involvement in the community is promoted on a local, national and international level. Immanuel College students are encouraged to embrace the challenges of today’s world and to approach the future with confidence.


Visit the SACE Years 11 & 12 page or download the Stage 1 & 2 Course Information Booklet to learn more about Years 11 & 12.

Visit the Year 10 page or download the Year 10 Course Information Booklet to learn more about Year 10.