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Pastoral Care & House

At Immanuel we work together in partnership with students, staff, parents, church and the wider community to instil a sense of belonging and care.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an expression of the ethos and philosophy of the College. It is experienced whenever people of the College community interact to make positive choices about life.

  • Pastoral care is directing energies toward implementing a belief about the partnership between students, staff, parents, church and the wider community to nurture the holistic development of each person in the College community.
  • It integrates the academic, social and spiritual dimensions so that an atmosphere of care pervades the whole College community.
  • Pastoral care at Immanuel College is reciprocal – not only from teacher to student and parent but also from student to student, parent to teacher, student to teacher.
  • Its implementation is relational, proactive, inclusive, pervasive, intentional and deliberate. It is both an attitude and a process, and is modeled by staff.

Chaplain & Student Counsellor Support 

The Chaplains and Student Counsellors support the pastoral care delivered by the Tutors and Year Level Coordinators.

They are available to assist individual students who seek support in relation to pastoral care issues or respond to referrals by Tutors or Year Level Coordinators.


House is at the heart of community life at Immanuel College. Every student belongs to a House and activities of Houses complement Pastoral Care.

Immanuel has ten Houses, each composed of about 90 -100 students from all years levels. Each student remains in the same House while at Immanuel, as do other members of the same family. Where parents are Old Scholars, students can inherit the same House that their parent was in.

Houses establish a spirit and identity through inter-house competition involving sport and cultural activities, and also through social activities, and community service and involvement.


In 1976, then principal, Mr Robert Paterson, worked with ten staff members to develop a pastoral system to help encourage students in three key area of schooling life: Academics, Athletics and Culture.

The new system would have opportunities for student leadership, cross year group pastoral support and foster team work and acceptance.

It was then the House system was born. Ten Houses which each represent different key stages in the history of Immanuel College.

Paterson Shield

Nowadays, Mr Paterson’s vision is carried on through the competition for the R.G. Paterson Shield. A competition for up to 1000 points earned through athletics and swimming carnivals, academic results, community service and involvement and many other areas of school life. Each House is led by a team of students coordinated by a staff House Coordinator. 

But House is much more than a competition…

“House is like a big family, It’s something you belong to.” Jorji – Dohler House 2017

At it’s heart, House is about community. It is about team work. It is about respect and it is about cooperation. Students meet as a House on a regular basis. They work together as teams. They cheer for each other, support each other and sometimes even commiserate with each other.  And… it is fun!

“I was surprised how much I started looking forward to House events, it was almost like going to an AFL game!” Angus – Morphett House 2016.