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Year 9 


  • Year 9 involves the graduating from the Middle School, preparing the students for Senior School and adulthood. The ‘Immanuel Journey’ in Year 9 gives the students a healthy rite of passage in gender specific classes in Physical Education and Christianity and Life. Gender specific issues are able to be discussed in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Students are given a range of carefully constructed challenges to help build resilience, independence and self-confidence. One of the challenges is a 9 day camp in the Flinders Ranges which focuses on physical, spiritual and emotional growth.

  • Mentoring and the importance of having meaningful adults in the students' lives is also a key feature of Year 9. In conjunction with parents and Journey teachers the students are asked to think of significant adults who can help them on their journey to adulthood. This is emphasised by each student completing a personal and community project and receiving support from a mentor to achieve their goal. The year culminates in a celebration of all Year 9 projects and new-found independence and self-motivation.