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Year 8


With a team of key middle school specialist tutors, in Year 8 at Immanuel College, we ensure that we continue to enhance our student’s learning with a broad and rigorous curriculum in both their core and elective subjects.  We strengthen their knowledge and skills in each discipline with our specialised staff, with a middle school approach.  This means that students still have a core class with a number of teachers who they may have for more than one subject.  This allows for building strong and meaningful relationships between students, staff and parents. 

With many new students starting their secondary experience in Year 8, it is our core business to successfully integrate our new students to our existing community.  We start with an intensive commencement program and we continue this throughout the term with various activities and programs.

We also recognise the emerging adolescent and we cater our pastoral care program and activities to meet their needs and to prepare them for the future.  We want our students to be confident, capable and self-reliant learners therefore we focus on skills such as;

  • Organisation and time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Personal learning
  • Positive relationships
  • Cybersafety