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Year 7

Year 7 is the start of the journey at Immanuel in the Middle School, when students are at a stage where they are ready for new challenges. We are highly experienced in delivering Year 7 in a secondary school environment; in fact we’ve been doing it for over 16 years

Immanuel College leads the way in innovation in education, awarded nationally for our approach. We are also at the cutting-edge with our technology and facilities

Students are supported to be active, dynamic and creative learners with staff highly trained in the specialised needs of adolescent learners. At Year 7, students have a core teacher for many of their subjects and lessons. This allows for a degree of integration of subject content. Students are also introduced to a range of specialist teachers and facilities that provide exciting new challenges and academic experiences.

Year 7 at Immanuel is about:

  • encouraging students to strive to be extraordinary with the support and encouragement of a core tutor with whom they spend the majority of their time;
  • providing a safe environment, where students can feel supported in their journey toward independence in their learning and organisation;
  • building new relationships with peers, teachers and the community.

A strong orientation program ensures all of our students starting at Immanuel are able to settle in and develop new peer and teacher relationships. We conduct an exciting aquatics camp in the early weeks of the year to assist with the development of relationships as well as providing the students with an outdoor education experience. 

Download the Year 7 Course Information Booklet for further information.