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The provision of a wide range of extra-curricular activities, accessible to all students at Immanuel College is made on the basis that:

  • Commitment to the development of the ‘whole person’.
  • Contemporary educational thinking and writing that supports the view that ‘learning to be’ and ‘learning to live’ are important aspects of the curriculum.
  • Provision of a diverse range of activities enables students a wide and developing range of interests, and to explore activities beyond their previous experience.
  • Activities provide opportunities to positively contribute to the ethos and identity of the College particularly through sportand music programs.
  • Commitment to ensuring the highest levels of performance and competition by groups, teams and individuals in the range of activities provided.

 The competitions administered by the ISSA, IGSSA, SSSSA and SAPSASA.


Immanuel College Sport is a logical extension of all of the components of the comprehensive Immanuel College Physical Education Program. Immanuel College Sport involves education about sport, through sport and for participation in sport, furthering the education philosophy of developing the whole individual. It will involve:

  • Further development of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values gained through physical education.
  • Encouraging all students to maximise their potential,and to use their knowledge and skills in an appropriate competitive sporting environment.
  • Developing knowledge, skills, tactics, strategies, behaviour and fitness specific to the sport or sports chosen.
  • Developing players as skilled performers and knowledgeable spectators in a whole range of individual and team, competitive sports.
  • Developing interested players as prospective coaches, referees, umpires, trainers and administrators of sport.


Our extra-curricular ensembles include:

  • Big Band One, Big Band Two
  • Immanuel Chamber Orchestra, Immanuel String Orchestra
  • Senior Vocal Ensemble
  • Vocal Jazz One, Vocal Jazz Two
  • VoxPop (7/8 Choir)
  • Senior Concert Band
  • Little Big Band
  • Rock Band
  • Year 9 Chapel Band

Any student in the College may audition for these groups and is encouraged to do so.

Other Extra-Curricular Activities

In addition to our sport and music opportunities, there are a wide range of other activities available to students including:

  • Engineers Club
  • Technicians Games Group
  • Media Club
  • Future Problem Solving
  • Tournament of Minds
  • Debating
  • Public Speaking
  • Writers Club
  • Chess Club
  • Science Club
  • Model United Nations Club
  • Duke of  Edinburgh Award
  • Readers Club
  • Art Club
  • Fashion Club