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Learning Support

Students with special needs may experience difficulties with maths, literacy, memory or language which may impact on them reaching their full potential. At Immanuel College we recognise that all students have specific strengths and weaknesses. Classroom teachers are flexible in their use of various strategies in teaching and assessment to accommodate the diverse learning styles of our students.

Immanuel staff also work together with families to negotiate and implement an individualised program, building on each student’s strengths where appropriate. Adaptive Education at Immanuel College is constantly changing to meet the needs of students.

Support is tailored to each student’s needs and is sensitive to issues of self esteem, as well as the need to minimize disruption to the classroom learning program. Learning Support staff work with teachers to provide resources and support students in class. Some arrangements may include short individual tutoring sessions, daily computer practice in the class, individual spelling and mathematics skills programs, special homework practice or private tutoring.

Classroom teachers are keen to employ differentiated strategies that accommodate individual differences. These strategies and provisions are negotiated for each student, and their success is monitored regularly.

Special support and work modifications are negotiated at a meeting with relevant staff and parents, documented on an “Individual Learning Plan” and reviewed and updated as agreed. Parents are encouraged to maintain regular communication with the tutor, subject teacher or learning support staff.

Support in Senior School focuses on subject selection, combined with VET and other pathways programs. Community Studies and community based learning options can also be negotiated.