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Senior School

Senior School

Our Senior School, Years 10, 11 & 12, is a dynamic learning community housed in innovative facilities providing a rich, relevant and challenging program.

We encourage personal excellence, according to each student’s ability, and nurture students’ strengths and interests.

We offer the widest range of SACE courses including VET; 54 subject choices in Year 12 at last count.

Senior School Facilities

The Senior School is housed in the state-of-the-art Margaret Ames Centre, and has made a significant change to the way students learn. With students heavily involved in the design process, the Margaret Ames Centre has won national awards and sets the benchmark for cutting edge learning environments.

It includes studio spaces, an open plan learning hub, Senior School administration, conference facility and a 200 seat lecture theatre. Large walls of glass invite a shared learning experience while customised furniture allows the environment to be varied day to day. Rooms are easily reconfigured so that it is sometimes hard to tell where one ends and the next one begins. Designer furniture abounds, with almost every surface a ‘writable’ wall or desk, and technology is everywhere, yet mostly invisible.

The design complements our approach in Senior School to treat students as young adults and prepares them for life beyond school. The Senior School is open longer hours to support students’ individual study needs.

Opening in 2023, Immanuel College is developing a world-class new Discovery Precinct that will provide learning, leadership and enterprise facilities for senior school students, with a focus on Year 10.

Senior School curriculum

SACE Stage 1 & 2

We offer the opportunity for students to achieve their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) based on the Australian Curriculum. 

The SACE is an internationally recognised qualification that helps students develop capabilities to live, learn, work, and participate successfully in an ever-changing society. Through the SACE, students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed – whether they are headed for further education, training, an apprenticeship or straight into the workforce. 

In Senior School, students start to make academic choices which will have a significant impact on their future careers. Students are supported to make informed decisions about future pathways and directions.

Students are prepared for successful participation in society. Thoughtful, respectful and informed involvement in the community is promoted on a local, national and international level. Students are encouraged to embrace the challenges of today’s world and to approach the future with confidence.

Pathways – Explore your future

In Years 10, 11 & 12, we place a strong emphasis on preparing students for life beyond school, and offer a comprehensive vocational pathways program. Students are supported in career planning, subject choices and VET options.

Study support

Immanuel offers subject tutors available after school to support students in their work providing one-on-one support for assignments, classwork, and exam preparation. Tutors operate from the Margaret Ames Centre which is open for students four nights per week until 7pm.

Boarding students also receive specialised tutor support during Boarder Study time after dinner each night in the Margaret Ames Centre.

Year 10

The transition from Year 9 in the Middle School to Year 10 in the Senior School is designed to complement the physical, emotional and intellectual changes that adolescents experience at this time in their lives.

The Year 10 curriculum is designed to provide challenges for each student with built-in flexibility created to promote engagement and achievement for a diversity of learners.

The Year 10 program introduces increased expectations for greater student autonomy and responsibility, and caters for a wide range of interests, abilities and experiences of students by offering an expanded range of subject options.

With courses based on the Australian Curriculum, all Year 10 students commence the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and develop their capabilities as they review and set their learning goals.

Years 11 & 12

In the final years of Senior School, our students are supported to achieve beyond their expectations. Every student will face challenges as they work to complete SACE and we make sure they’re supported to overcome them, with an emphasis on life beyond school. We help our students develop strategies to live, learn, work, and participate successfully in an ever-changing society, whether they are headed for university, further education, training, an apprenticeship or straight into the workforce.

Immanuel offers an extraordinary range of academic options and subject choices in Years 11 & 12 aimed at meeting each student’s individual needs.

We offer the SMART Choices program in Year 11 to educate students on making the best possible choices now and in the future specifically aimed at teenagers. Recent topics have included positive well-being, safe social networking, safe driving, positive psychology, sleep, resilience, safe and respectful relationships, healthy eating and physical health.

Our Great Futures program for Year 12 students covers topics such as university options, completing SATAC applications, gap year opportunities, post-school experiences of Old Scholars, and other topics that help them prepare for life after school.

Download Immanuel College’s 2021 SACE Stage 2 Results.