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Middle School

Middle School

The Middle School journey starts with a child feeling secure. At journey’s end, you will be amazed by the emerging young adult ready for the senior years.

Great teachers all know that Middle School can never be simple. The huge emotional, physical and social change from age 13–15, ensures that high quality Middle Schooling is complex. To do it well, you need to know the detail and you need to invest in the right people and the right facilities.

Our Middle School, Years 7–9, supports students to become active, dynamic and creative learners. Our dedicated and highly trained staff are familiar with the specialised social and academic needs of adolescent learners.

Students in the Middle School, study within the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP) framework. The Middle School curriculum provides challenging, internationally referenced standards, skills, creativity and flexibility to help students grow towards self-reliance and responsible participation in Australian society.

Middle School facilities

Students in Middle School are growing toward independence and the demands of their adult lives. To support their growth and development in these critical years, we have developed a distinctive Middle School facility which provides a secure, village-like learning environment, with outstanding contemporary learning facilities.

As part of a recent redevelopment, working with the award-winning design architects responsible for the unique Tonsley redevelopment, a new outdoor learning and social environment in the Mall area is a key feature, taking inspiration from markets and university spaces.

A feature of Middle School is the Imagination Centre; a place where students immerse themselves in experiential learning. ‘STEM-inspired’ learning is promoted with Lego robotics, Makey-Makey, OzBots, Lil Bots through to virtual reality cameras for students to create their own 3D virtual worlds.

Middle School curriculum

Immanuel College delivers the Australian Curriculum within the framework of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (MYP). 

Students study across eight key learning areas within the MYP, with the curriculum providing challenging, internationally-referenced standards, skills, creativity and the flexibility to help students grow towards self-reliance and responsible participation in Australian society.

Year 7

The first step to ensuring our Year 7s are happy and high-achieving, is to create a safe environment where they feel supported in their journey towards independence.

Immanuel’s village-like Middle School learning environment, helps kids to quickly feel at home, make new friends, build a strong relationship with their core teacher, and discover what learning styles work best for them. Our Year 7 classrooms look like a familiar primary school learning environment, but incorporate significant advancements to help students begin their journey to adulthood.

We know it can be challenging for kids entering secondary school – we’ve been welcoming Year 7s into our Middle School for more than 20 years. That’s why we have a strong orientation program to help our students build relationships, as well as gain academic skills. Each class has a core tutor that stays with them through the year and in their first few weeks, the class heads off to aquatics camp. When they return, it’s like they’ve been here forever.

All of our students are encouraged to explore and try new things, in fact, it’s compulsory. All Year 7s study music, art, fashion, technology, design, food technology, drama, outdoor education and languages.

For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than helping a child discover a new talent or interest, or making their impossible, possible. No matter where their passions take them, they’ll be supported by our expert team and facilities, and with the range of subjects offered in Year 12, no pathway is out of reach.

Year 8

Our students become confident, capable and self-reliant learners as we focus on developing skills like organisation and time management, critical thinking, personal learning, positive relationships, and cyber safety.

A team of specialist subject tutors support our Year 8s as they progress through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. Students strengthen their knowledge in core and elective subjects across Arts, Physical and Health Education, Individuals and Societies, Language and Literature (English), Language Acquisition, Mathematics, Sciences, Design and Christianity and Life.

We recognise the emerging adolescent and we cater our well-being program and activities to meet their needs and to prepare them for the future. We want our students to be confident, capable and self-reliant learners, therefore we focus on skills such as:

  • Organisation and time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Personal learning
  • Positive relationships
  • Cybersafety

Year 9

One of the features of Year 9 is the Immanuel Journey program which incorporates healthy rites of passage to prepare students for adulthood. In the prime of their adolescence, with significant physical, social and emotional changes; the Immanuel Journey program supports them through this process.

We use carefully constructed spiritual, emotional and physical challenges to build our students’ resilience, independence and self-confidence. In the Journey program, students and teachers are grouped by gender, to allow them to discuss issues in a safe and nurturing environment, at this special point of time in their growth and development.

One of our challenges – a nine day camp in the Flinders Ranges – helps them develop group management, team building, and camping skills while also fostering physical, spiritual and emotional growth.

In Year 9, each student undertakes a community project as well as core and elective curriculum subjects. In their community project, students create a product or outcome in an area that interests them, and that addresses a community need. Our students have created everything from a children’s book that helped young asthma sufferers with their experience in hospital, to providing care packages for homeless people. Each year, their efforts are celebrated at our Middle School graduation event. 

Year 9 is also another time of transition for our students, and so we encourage them to begin building their support networks. We ask them to think of the significant adults in their life, aside from parents and teachers, who could mentor them as they develop their community project and support them on their journey to adulthood.

“I used to think that I wasn’t strong and that I didn’t have the courage to do things outside my comfort zone … I am much stronger than I thought …”

“… there is always someone willing to lend a hand and that everyone has the capacity to be good to others, not just their friends.”

“I used to think life was just about waiting until good opportunities came to you, but now I think that you have to go out in the world and look for that good opportunity …”

“I learned that being alone can grant you greater appreciation of what you have.”