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Year 8 projects; Pure 'Genius'!

There were some extremely impressive outcomes from the Year 8 students for Genius Hour. Genius Hour gives the students the opportunity to spend their time for a lesson per week pursuing an area of interest that they are passionate about. And recently they shared their finished products with their peers and staff members. 

Among some of the outstanding projects were: 

  • Candle making
  • Handmade bags 
  • Designing my dream room
  • Making cricket stumps
  • Making face and body scrubs
  • Scrapbook - 'What makes me happy'
  • Writing a novel
  • Designed and made a mobile phone charger
  • 3D Printable Chess Pieces
  • Wrote a song
  • Online recycled clothing store
  • Sketches and Artworks 
  • Health and Fitness analytics

The future is looking bright for this bunch of Year 8's; great work!