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Year 11 Art students Inter-generational Portrait Project

Inspired by the Embraced Centenarian Portrait Project, Year 11 art students met with residents of ACH Kapara Glenelg Residential Aged Care on Monday afternoon. We warmly welcomed them into the College on a very cold and rainy day.

Students and guests enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea, fascinating conversations, establishing new friendships, and respectful learning. Students took photos, sketched, and wrote notes to help inspire their portrait painting.

The project is about acknowledging the rich wisdom of our local elders, breaking down negative stereotypes about ageing and strengthening inter-generational relationships within our community.

After recently visiting the Archie100 Exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia, students are now studying portraiture painting and the beauty of how a painting can express so much more than a photograph. See the students initial portrait sketches below and stay tuned for when we hold an exhibition and invite our guests back to see the finished portraits.

Melanie Higgins
Program Coordinator Visual Arts

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