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Introducing 32records; our new music label

We are excited to introduce 32records. 32records is a new music label with a difference.

The students at Immanuel College already enjoy access to state-of-the-art technology, in purpose built recording studios with multiple authentic live venues on campus, but the sheer volume of original music being generated from the students, inspired the need for a new way of thinking.

Situated at 32 Morphett Road, 32records was born out of the desire to work collaboratively with our students while encouraging their individual voices and sharing the results in a relevant online space.

32records is a not for profit. The goal is to provide a contemporary website experience that promotes and celebrates our high calibre composers and/or recording artists from Immanuel Music.

With creativity at the core of their teaching, Immanuel Music staff vigorously promote students’ original music and equip them with the necessary skills to launch a career in the music industry.

The Music Program at Immanuel College has a reputation for being global and innovative, with their young musicians learning through performance-based opportunities and strong ties to the Music Industry.

A quick navigation around 32records.com.au will not disappoint, as a range of amazing young musicians share their vision of life through a lush landscape of sophisticated song writing and post production.

This project is consistent with our commitment to innovate in education and foster entrepreneurship in our students. We will continually add new music to the website as work becomes available from our students. 

In the words of the great man Molly Meldrum “do yourself a favour” and check out 32records!

If you have any questions about 32records please contact Paul Kolomitsev, Director of Music pkolomitsev@immanuel.sa.edu.au