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Immanuel becomes a Centre for Educational Enterprise School

In keeping with our drive to innovate in education and foster entrepreneurship in our students, we are proud to announce Immanuel College is now a Centre for Educational Enterprise (CEE) Member School.

CEE is a space for enterprising schools to learn with and from each other through the sharing of ideas and research & innovations. CEE Schools are leaders in supporting and educating emerging global citizens, ready to explore opportunities for personal and community growth and development.

This new partnership builds on a number of the College’s initiatives in relation to enterprise and entrepreneurship including the partnership with the former Chief Engineer of Google in Australia, Alan Noble. This is a ground breaking project to improve knowledge of the oceans. Noble said the key to his Network Blue project was the help he received from Immanuel College students.

The Australian workforce is rapidly changing due to the pace of innovation, automation and globalisation and as a consequence the need for young people with transferable enterprising skills will be essential to navigate the future work environment. The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) argues, “We need all young Australians to learn the skills to be digitally-literate, financially-savvy, innovative and adaptable and help them navigate complex careers of the future and thrive in every aspect of their lives.”

Immanuel is committed to building a range of partnerships and opportunities that help foster enterprising behaviours and attitudes in our students. This is achieved not just in a business context such as the new Year 11 subject, Business and Innovation but also in a social context as seen in our Year 9 Community Project where students address a specific need in the community.

To read more about the CEE visit https://cee.mggs.vic.edu.au