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International Students

International Programs

Immanuel’s international connections are at the heart of the College’s internationalisation initiatives and our commitment to develop global citizens. The College celebrates cultural diversity and enjoys global networking opportunities.

The diversity of our students’ backgrounds contributes to creating individuals with a global outlook, comprehension of our rapidly changing world and their important place in it, concern for our global environment and an ability to understand each other with respect and compassion. Globalisation associated with increased mobility of people, technology, finance, knowledge and ideas is embedded in their future.

The College’s international outlook is underpinned by the curriculum, international student programs, in-and-outbound student and staff exchanges, study tours and the continuation of our longstanding sister school relationships.

International Students

Immanuel has always welcomed international students from all backgrounds, countries, religions and cultures who have chosen to study in Adelaide. The College is listed with the Commonwealth Government (CRICOS Provider Code 00362G) to deliver courses to overseas students who are enrolled on a full-fee paying basis in our registered programs. These students enter and stay in Australia on a 500 study visa administered by the Department of Home Affairs.

The College maintains strong links with the Immanuel community overseas through our international and Australian Old Scholars, parents of international students and other supporters of the College. Parents are always welcome to visit, tour the College and meet teachers. The Principal and senior staff regularly travel to Asia and Europe to meet with current and prospective parents and to celebrate the Immanuel community through Friends of Immanuel – International events.

International students (500 student visa) have rights enshrined in Australian law under the ESOS Framework.

All need to comply with the strict conditions of their visas while enrolled at the College.


Most Immanuel international students enrol initially for 20 weeks Intensive English high school preparation and when their English develops to the level required, will transfer to mainstream Middle or Senior School classes. Students with an assessed high level of English proficiency may enter mainstream directly. The majority of Immanuel international graduates aim for and succeed in proceeding to tertiary education courses of their choice in Australia or overseas.

CRICOS Registered Courses at Immanuel:
Junior Secondary Intensive English and Study Preparation (CRICOS Course Code 043519B)
Junior Secondary Studies Years 7–10 (CRICOS Course Code 052966D)
Senior Secondary Studies Years 11–12 (CRICOS Course Code 004780A)
ELICOS Preparation for Secondary Studies (CRICOS Course Code 045371A)

The College offers a specialised program preparing students for secondary studies, generally of one to four terms for long term students needing full-time Intensive English studies, orientation to Australian teaching and learning and Study Skill development before entering their mainstream year levels. Classes are conducted on campus in the Immanuel ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) Centre. Students are able to observe some suitable high school classes and integrate into selected mainstream subject classes in their final term in the ELICOS Centre.

Entrance Requirements

Applications for enrolment must be submitted on the completed Application for Enrolment – International Student Form. Original or certified copies of the following documents must accompany the Application Form:

• Reports for the previous two years, including the most recent report
• Results of any public examinations
• School testimonial
• Photocopy of passport
• Colour photograph less than three months old
• Written evidence of proficiency in English. Applications for direct entry will not be considered without this documentation.

A recognised English language test or interview must be completed prior to an offer of enrolment, unless the applicant can demonstrate a high level of proficiency in English through other, mutually negotiated methods.

The Enrolment Process

For all enquiries, please contact the Director – International Programs international@immanuel.sa.edu.au

1. Application
Complete Application for Enrolment form and return, accompanied by all documents listed above

2. Assessment of Application
College staff will assess the application based on the information provided

3. Formal Offer of Admission
If the student is accepted, the College will send an Enrolment package including a Letter of Offer

4. Acceptance of Offer and Payment of first Fee Instalment
The signed Acceptance and fee payment must be returned before the enrolment can proceed

5. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and Welfare (CAAW) documents (if relevant) will be issued
The student can now proceed to visa application.

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International Representatives

Term Dates

Extra-Curricular Information

Accommodation and Welfare

Immanuel College accepts unaccompanied students under 18. College approved accommodation is required for all students who are not living with their parents, legal guardians or a Department of Home Affairs approved relative. International student accommodation is provided in the on-campus Boarding facilities or with carefully selected Australian families registered through the extensive Immanuel Community Homestay Program under College management. Homestay and Boarding often lead to lifelong friendships with fellow students and families from very diverse backgrounds in both regional and rural Australia.

International Student Services at the College which ensure the successful transition of international students to the Australian curriculum and beyond to tertiary education, include a specialist ELICOS Centre, Transition to Mainstream and English language classes (EALD) in mainstream timetables, multilingual staff support, specialist international student EAL out-of-hours tutoring, specialist International Student Support and Counselling staff, Orientation programs, Peer Mentoring, Careers and Further Study programs.

Policies and Procedures

For our Student Handbook and the full policies for Refund; Accommodation and Welfare; Transfer; Course Credit; Attendance, Course Progress; Deferring Suspending or Cancelling Student's Enrolment, Grievances and Appeals please contact the Director – International Programs international@immanuel.sa.edu.au