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Immanuel College & Immanuel Primary School are currently in transition to a new uniform which will occur in three phases over the next 6 – 9 months. The first Phase is the new PE/Core Sport Uniform Year 3 – 12 and the Everyday Uniform ELC – Year 2 as per the video above. Our Immanuel Shop is conveniently located on-campus and provides all uniform requirements for Immanuel College & Primary School.

Introducing a New Uniform for Immanuel

Phase 1:
– Everyday Uniform for ELC – Year 2 (orders now open – available for Term 1 2023)
– Core Sport/PE Uniform for Years 3 – 12 (orders now open – available for Term 1 2023)

Phase 2: New Academic Uniform – Years 3 – 12 (available Term 2 2023)

Phase 3: Specialist Sports Uniforms (available during 2023; further information to be advised)


Immanuel Primary School and Immanuel College have reviewed our current Campus uniforms from ELC – Year 12 managed by a Campus Uniform Steering Committee.

The new uniform has been developed by renowned designer Jonathan Ward in consultation with parents, staff, and student groups.

Students and parents have been involved in the consultation process with working groups looking at designs, fabrics, styles, and how they will be worn.  A true community effort!

Our aim is that a new coordinated uniform will be designed to allow all students to be comfortable and active – mixing and matching items to suit their day’s activities and the weather.  Importantly, a uniform our students will wear with pride.


  • Greater flexibility and versatility with trans-seasonal items that can be worn all year round
  • Improved fabrics and construction
  • New uniforms are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.
  • Non-gender-specific style options.

Delivering a refreshed and contemporary uniform that better suits today’s students, at every age.

Polo Top

Long Sleeve Polo Top

Polo Dress

Puffer Vest (& Jacket)

1/4 Zip Jacket

Classic Fit Shorts

Active Leggings

Classic Fit Trackpant – Double Knee

Bucket Hat

Not pictured but also available to order:

Core Sport/PE Uniform: Year 3 – Year 12

Download Year 3 – 12 Core Sport/PE Uniform Item Reference Sheet

PE Top – Classic Fit

Long Sleeve PE Top – Classic Fit

PE Polo Top – Classic & Tailored Fit

Long Sleeve PE Top – Classic & Tailored Fit

Jacket – Classic & Tailored Fit

1/4 Zip Jacket

Shorts – Tailored Fit

Shorts – Classic Fit


Active Leggings

Tracksuit Pant – Classic & Tailored Fit

Not pictured but also available to order:

  • Hat
  • School Bag
  • Sports Bag
  • Socks

How to purchase the New Uniform in Phase 1

All current and new students can now place their order for the Phase 1 uniform release. The process of purchasing the new uniform is as follows:

  1. Book an Immanuel Shop appointment using the online booking form.
  2. Try on uniform items to enable the correct size and product items to be ordered.
  3. Prepay for uniform items.
  4. Uniform items will then be ordered, and you will be notified when they arrive in the Immanuel Shop for collection.

The Immanuel Shop is open 5 days a week during the following hours:

Monday8am -5pm
Tuesday8am -5pm
Wednesday8am -5pm
Thursday11am -8pm
Friday8am -5pm

The Immanuel Shop operates by appointment only.

  • To book an appointment please use the Booking Form on this page.
  • The number of uniform items that can be purchased per student will initially be capped. Extra items and additional stock will be available to purchase at a later date.
  • School bags will also be for purchase, including the Immanuel College school bag, Immanuel Primary school bag, and Immanuel sports bag.
  • The Immanuel Shop will no longer stock the old uniform.

Contact the Immanuel Shop via phone 08 8375 1750 or email

Immanuel Shop Booking Form

  • One appointment booking required per family. Your selected appointment will be listed at the bottom of the form.
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  • ^ Please review the appointment time listed above. To complete your booking for the above appointment time click the submit button below.


Why have you decided to change the uniform?

The current Immanuel Campus uniform was designed in the late 1990s, so it was time to rethink the options with trans-seasonal items that can be worn all year round and non-gender specific style options to ensure our uniform is suitable for the needs of our students now and in the future.  We are also committed to ensuring that the new uniforms are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

When and how can I order the new uniform?

All current and new students can now place their order for the Phase 1 uniform release. The ordering process is in a phased approach as per below:

Phase 1
Core Sport/PE Uniform for Years 3 – 12, and the Everyday Uniform for ELC – Year 2 – this is now available to order, with orders to be collected ready for the start of the school year in 2023.

Phase 2
Academic Uniform – available Term 2 2023.

Phase 3
Specialist Sports Uniform – available during 2023; further information to be advised.

How much will the uniform cost?

The pricing of the new uniform in Phase 1 is on par with the current uniform pricing for similar items, with the exception of the newly introduced items. For example, the new soft shell jacket provides superior warmth and weather protection than the previous jacket, and the puffer jackets are new items.

With the versatility of the uniform, there is no need to purchase every item, so families plan around their needs and budget.

As a new Year 3 – 12 student, I will only be able to buy a Core Sport/PE Uniform before school starts in 2023. Will I also need an academic uniform at the start of the year?

No. As we are in transition to a new uniform you will be able to wear the Core Sport/PE Uniform to school until the new Academic Uniform is released in Term 2, 2023.

What do I do with my old uniform once I have the new one?

Please do not bring your old uniform back to the Immanuel Shop. We are working on a process of collecting the old uniforms with the intention to recycle them. More information will be available soon.

Do I have to order every style item?

For the Years 3 – 12 Core Sport/PE and ELC – Year 2 Everyday Uniforms the answer is NO; please order to suit your preferences and budget. Please note when the Year 3 – 12 Academic Uniform is released in 2023, there will be some compulsory items.

Can students still wear the old uniform, and can students mix the old style with the new uniform?

Existing students can continue to wear the old uniform until the end of 2024. However, if they purchase the new uniform, they cannot mix the old uniform items with the new uniform items.

Where is the Immanuel Shop located?

The Immanuel Shop is located on the Immanuel Campus at 32 Morphett Road Novar Gardens at the rear of the Sports Centre – refer Campus Map

How do I contact the Immanuel Shop?

The best way to contact the Immanuel Shop is via email