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New $13.5 million Discovery Precinct to open at Immanuel College in 2023

Immanuel College is developing a world-class new precinct that will provide learning, leadership and enterprise facilities for senior school students, with a focus on Year 10.

The new $13.5 million Discovery Precinct is central to the school’s ground-breaking new program for Year 10 students – Year 10: The Year of Discovery – where students will be guided to better understand themselves, explore opportunities, and prepare for Year 11 and 12, and life after school.

We want to create a precinct that is more than just a building”, said Principal Kevin Richardson.  “It is not continuing to just do what we have always done in a new building, but teaching and learning in new ways, giving students innovative growth experiences and preparing them for life beyond school.

Part of the development will be a 2-storey Discovery Centre connected via an air bridge to the existing senior school building, the Margaret Ames Centre. It will give students, teachers and industry mentors the facilities to learn and collaborate together. The Precinct will include a mix of social, educational and collaboration zones with nature inside and out a significant feature.

The Discovery Precinct is planned to open in 2023 and is part of the next stage of Immanuel College’s Master Plan heralding a new era in the school’s development.

Year 10 is a significant year of transition. Students come from middle school, they grow and mature, and their needs from a learning perspective are quite different. The Discovery Precinct is about addressing those needs uniquely for Year 10 students.

Kevin Richardson, Principal

Key features of the Discovery Precinct

  • A new home base for Year 10 students with 10 new studios (classrooms), while also being open to all senior students.
  • Business Enterprise Hub featuring facilities for young entrepreneurs to operate and fine tune their ideas (eg a pitch lab), and expanded facilities supporting media activities (eg podcasting).
  • Environmental and biophilic design principles to support a more productive and healthier environment for student wellbeing.
  • Three-quarters of the site earmarked for landscaping and gardens, with indoor/outdoor learning spaces allowing students and staff to access expanded landscaped areas as part of their educational outcomes and wellbeing.
  • State-of-the-art technologies and flexible learning spaces to nurture diverse learning experiences and facilitate emerging students’ progressive ideas, critical to their future career endeavours.
  • A series of zones including:
    • Social Zones: Places to engage, communicate and establish adult working relationships.
    • Learning Zones: Facilities to enable traditional and contemporary teaching and learning.
    • Collaboration Zones: Places to work together to study and pitch new enterprise concepts.
    • Wellbeing Zones: Social, active and mindful spaces

This is a really amazing opportunity to not only have the facilities to enable collaboration, but to really ensure that students understand what collaboration really means; the essential ingredients of successful collaboration, so that when they do go into Year 11 and 12 and the workplace, they really understand what it takes.

Emily Gann, Year 10 PLP Coordintor

We are bringing the nature into the building and we’re bringing the building and learning back out into nature. That significant element is quite unique in a secondary school facility.

Kevin Richardson, Principal

Architect’s digital impression of Discovery Precinct

The open enterprise hub has specialized areas; areas for critiquing, media, podcasting, recording and making opportunities, through to the open study spaces that are right through the building. And the studios are not traditional classrooms as such, but make way for different ways of learning.

Kon Michael, Architect

The thing that appeals to me and to the council was the sustainability of the building and the seamlessness of transition from the outdoor to the indoor. So there are outdoor learning areas and there’s a seamless transition into indoor areas that are more than just classrooms, but spaces for kids to learn, spaces for kids to enjoy and we think that’s pretty appealing.

Kym Wallent, Chair of the Immanuel College Council

Hear more from our students & staff

The Discovery Centre is really putting a spotlight on Year 10; something that I think is really, really important. I’m excited for the new building. Our students are going to be engaged and learning in a vibrant, connected environment. That’s going to allow them to explore their passion, their talents, through a number of different opportunities that we think are really going to engage our students.

Year 10 Coordinator

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