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Tuition & Boarding Fees

Your child’s education is an investment in their future and we know you want to make the best choice possible.

To obtain a copy of our Fee Schedule along with Enrolment Information, please complete the form below.

Immanuel College is one of the leading private independent schools in Australia with the widest range of opportunities and state-of-the-art facilities. Our fees are set to ensure we are able to provide the highest quality education whilst keeping an Immanuel education as affordable as possible for all. We are committed to continually investing in the development and improvement of our school now and into the future. We believe our fees are set at a level that is reasonably priced against comparable schools.

As much as possible, the Immanuel College fees are structured as a single fee to ensure the amount of extras appearing on school fee accounts are minimised, with no additional levies and surcharges. Fees are inclusive of all core subject tuition and excursions, student laptops, internet services & support, health and well-being programs and the vast majority of extra-curricular activities.

Additional charges are incurred for things such as boarding, stationery, uniform, outdoor education camps from Year 8 onwards (Year 7 camp included in fee), overseas and interstate travel opportunities, instrumental hire & tuition and the Year Book. Full details are outlined in our Fee Schedule.

Discounts are provided for fee payments made in advance, and for families with multiple siblings attending Immanuel College.