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A co-ed Boarding School ideally located between the city & sea in Adelaide, South Australia

Immanuel College in Adelaide has been the Boarding School of choice for generations; in fact, it is where it all started for Immanuel in 1895 as the third oldest co-ed private Boarding School in Australia.

Located in the heart of our Novar Gardens campus in Adelaide, South Australia, Immanuel College Boarding provides a family-style environment for around 170 Boarders.

Our Boarding House is co-educational; we believe that co-ed boarding encourages young people to develop healthy relationships and good social skills – skills that will serve them well into the future.

Our Boarders are like a large family of brothers and sisters who grow together and share with each other, forming life-long friendships. Our rich, boarding tradition opens the door to vast educational, social, sporting and cultural opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: Places at Immanuel College are in high demand. Therefore it is never too early to submit an enrolment application. If you are considering Immanuel College for Boarding in the future, we highly recommend you submit an enrolment application as soon as possible to be placed on a waitlist for the appropriate year and year level.

For more information see Entry Points & Places Available and How to Enrol.

“The school is the Boarders’ backyard, so we have access to all the facilities such as the gym and swimming pool. Coming here is probably the best thing I have ever done. It has changed my life.”

Abbey, Riverland.

“Immanuel is a great fresh start; meeting new people of all ages from different places and countries, and hearing their stories, it’s like a big family.”

Victoria, Port Lincoln.

Boarding Life


Some of the important things students learn as a Boarder have nothing to do with school work.

The Immanuel Boarding House is a family-style environment, supporting students to develop their independence. The Boarding staff are highly experienced, dedicated and caring people who build strong, meaningful relationships with Boarders. There is an amazing bond between Boarders – bonds that last a lifetime.

Bernie Dean (Director of Boarding) and Ujith Perera (Deputy Director) are highly experienced and live on-site. House Mothers Jan & Bonnie care and support our Boarders, along with our 24/7 Boarding staff who look after the day-to-day needs of our Boarders and ensure they have an enriching experience.

Take a look at the video below to hear from some of our Boarders.

Be part of a place you can call home, when home is far away.

Bernie Dean

Director of Boarding

Ujith Perera

Deputy Director of Boarding


House Mother


House Mother

“The family atmosphere will make them feel comfortable. They will create friends for life and have opportunities they just wouldn’t get at home. I never expected to have the opportunity to do so many different things. My life is so full.”

Lexie, Minnipa

“One of the biggest things I’m getting from Boarding is learning how to be independent.”

Chloe, Wallaroo


As students grow, the Boarding accommodation grows with them, preparing them for life beyond school.

We give our Boarders comfort and confidence with independence as they transition through different accommodation styles in the Boarding House.

Younger students live in individual rooms within the main Boarding House, graduating to units and shared houses in Senior School, where students can access their own kitchen and lounge facilities.

This transition gradually teaches our Boarders independent living skills and equips them for life.

Naturally, there are areas exclusively for females and for males, and there are also common areas where all students can mix in a friendly and supportive manner.

“Next year I’ll go into a unit with a shared kitchen. In Year 12, you are in a house which is a positive thing because as you get older you want more of your own space and to be more independent.

Victoria, Port Lincoln

“You get more and more independence as you move from rooms to units and then to houses in Year 12. I love living with the mates I’ve made since coming here.”

Abbey, Riverland.


Structured homework sessions each night ensure school work is a priority.

Formal study time without distractions occurs four nights per week in the state-of-the-art Margaret Ames Centre. We also employ skilled tutors to support Boarders in their school work who are available to work with students during study time.

“We have study for 1.5 hours weekdays and you have plenty of time to go over to the Margaret Ames Centre, sit down and get your homework done. I wouldn’t structure myself to do that if I wasn’t here; it’s good to have that set time.”

Jake, Renmark


The Boarders’ Dining Room is about so much more than just food.

It’s about Boarders coming together as one big family. An ever-changing menu provides a wide variety of delicious, nutritious food to choose from, and students who have special dietary needs are well catered for.

And yes the rumours are true; the butter chicken and the chocolate brownies are legendary!


The school is our Boarders’ backyard.

“You’ve got 170 brothers and sisters, so you are never really lonely. The common room is great, I love the foosball table, the pool table and the big screen TV where we look up songs to play throughout the Boarding House. The breakfasts are great and they change each morning. It’s a fun and different experience to live away from home for school.”

Harrison, Pt Lincoln

With our Boarding House located in the heart of the Immanuel campus, Boarders are able to access campus facilities such as the fitness centre, pool, fields, courts and more.

Immanuel College is a leading private co-ed Boarding School located just 5 minutes to Glenelg Beach and 10 minutes to the Adelaide CBD, and with easy access transport links to both, there are many opportunities for Boarders to enjoy the Adelaide lifestyle.

We also have an exciting activities program that provides regular fun activities for Boarders to do.


Student well-being is our priority, with highly experienced & qualified staff dedicated to ensuring students are cared for & supported.

We have systems in place to ensure students’ safety, and methods of working with families to ensure that strong communication exists between Boarding House staff, students and parents.

Our Boarders Representative Council play an important role in representing the needs of students.

“I love the staff. They make a real effort to see how you’re going and show an interest in your life. They treat you as an individual.”

Abbey, Riverland