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Immanuel College Strategic Plan

One of the College Council’s important functions is to ensure the College has a clear vision and objectives, at any point in time.

Following the successful introduction of our new senior school, the Margaret Ames Centre, Council commenced a new strategic planning cycle which will take us through to 2020.

As always, the starting point was affirmation of our mission and Christian foundations, followed by an extensive consideration of the challenges and opportunities we have.

Council worked with the Principal and his Executive team over many months before arriving at our new vision of Aspiring to be Extraordinary.

While this means we aspire to be extraordinary in everything we do, Council has decided on three key focus areas

  • Growing the whole person
  • Excellence in academics, and
  • Engaging and enabling


 Kym Wallent, Chairman of Immanuel College Council


Download a copy of our Strategic Intent Document: